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You can probably imagine that the return to work in the final week of “VHCCs Under the Hammer” was always likely to be a little hectic. Add to that the usual backlog of general enquiries, a justifiably very angry client himself now on holiday and at loggerheads with the LSC, the lack of a Billberry charger in the office, the office being too hot (yes too hot) and my car being partially broken and you will understand that this is not a completely smooth home coming.
Add to that more reading – when’s my next holiday?

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  • Interesting that the family side fixed fees are not going ahead in October, maybe their costs models don’t add up.
    Still awaiting details on the reporting required to get the fixed fees will it be;
    a) Please tick box to confirm you have undertaken the work under the certificate and we will send you the money, or
    b)Please provide Client’s granny’s middle name, what you have for breakfast on the date of the final hearing, complete records of every single bit of work you undertook, plus lots and lots of minutiae on the case.
    Which one do you think it will be?

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