Ranee Bassi

I chose my words carefully when reporting the tragic death of JRS client Ranee Bassi. The Gazette last week quoted her brother Mandeep who is less circumspect.
If anyone thinks that his are simply the words of a close relative striking out in grief and anger may I say, from a more dispassionate perspective, that he is absolutely correct.
You, like me, will probably read the words, and proposed action, of the “LSC spokesman” with some cynicism. It is, I think, an inadequate response and that some form of independent inquiry would be far more appropriate. In any event I do intend to offer evidence in whatever form or forum finally considers these events. I shall also be contacting the other firms, especially the other female sole practitioners from an ethnic background, targeted during this disgraceful episode.
Any contributions from readers of this site would be gratefully received.

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