Blind Allegiance?

Travel again precludes a long post – West Mids yesterday North East today so at least not a long journey ahead today.
I had two snapshots of the perceptual gap between the LSC and the profession yesterday (I will avoid naming names and places etc.) both which seem to me mirror the much mentioned disparity in interpretation over the recent judicial review decision.
We should be very worried indeed that the party line penetrates so deeply into the Regional Offices.

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One comment on “Blind Allegiance?

  • Let’s face it the Law Society won on the issues that do not matter. I am sure that no-one at Docklands is going to be losing much sleep over KPI changes. The real issue was rates and remunderation structure and the LSC won on that one. Therefore the profession in reality lost. It is about time we all realised that the LSC has shed its last remaining DNA of the old Legal Aid Board. It is all grown up now and they are ruthless bastards playing hard ball. Time to respond in like fashion.

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