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Sorry, this has passed us by (we don’t get the same correspondence suppliers get).
You seemingly have until this Friday, 31st August, to make your last ever claim for Civil File Review. The claim should contain all actual claims from 1st October 2006 plus an estimate of any others yet to be done before 30th September 2007. The form to use is the FR1.
We have been alerted to this deadline by an observant client from the North East Region who received correspondence from that Regional Office. Some feedback from other areas would therefore be appreciated especially if this is, perversely, only a little local problem.
Further to yesterdays post there is no corresponding notification of this deadline in the “What’s New” section of the LSC web-site.

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  • We have received the same information from the manchester and Liverpool offices . All claims to be in for file reviews 31st August 07 . Does not apply to crime which stays at the 10th December . Although initially the LSC stated that crime was included . However found the relevant page off the website that clearly states that it does not apply to Crime . Hey ho was worth the time spent searching their confusing website ………………Motto always double check what the LSC tell you .

  • Thanks Janet.
    We have been told the same from the Chester area.

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