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We have discussed “excellence in customer service” in three posts in the last two days – mostly to have another (gratuitous?) pop at the Commission. To even things out my question is simple – Is there a large organisation in the world with which it is possible to have a reasonable customer supplier relationship?
Nat West, BMi, Aviance…….?
To be fair to the former they have at least 1 employee with both initiative and the willingness to use it. I can however find no reason whatsoever to be fair to either of the other two who having lost my bag have now lost my insurance claim and have today, 1 month after the event, told me I am wasting my time in any event because they will not cover computer equipment!
I don’t want to shout down the phone at a call centre worker I want to shout at someone in authority, based at either firm’s head office, to make a point and to waste some of their time too.
By coincidence I have just written my first and only response to a client complaint in 11 years. I am frankly mortified and I suppose ashamed at having to have done so.
By way of contrast I cannot praise highly enough Mr Simon Fuller of Sillars Insurance Services Ltd where thankfully “excellent customer service” still exists!

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