One Autorecbot does not a Summer Make

Somewhat differently to the second part of this post we have had our first genuine Autorecbot sighting of the year. Much as last year it involves hassling firms slightly under the 90% reporting threshold to agree reductions, however small, in their SMPs. From the tone of my last conversation it seems that they intend to enforce these petty reductions regardless of any representations and despite solid evidence that other payments, CDS 7s and File Review, will resolve the problem.
The following para from their (standard?) correspondence is somewhat more ominous and of potentially wider impact:

“On a separate note I thought it would be prudent to ensure that you are aware that the 7.5% pull forward will not be applicable after this contract finishes, and, therefore, in order to avoid us us recouping a significant amount of money all at once it may be worth considering reducing the overpayment more gradually over the year”.

Seems that it is repayment time for those “interest free loans” then.
It also appears that there is now a new breed of more junior and cost effective Autorecbot undertaking this task:

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