Play For Today 

Setting – a solicitors office Autumn 2007 Autorecbot: We need to reduce your SMP by

Soundtrack of your Life 

Transitional chaos, Autorecbot madness etc. etc. Sometimes words are just not enough: Suggested by Steve. My choice. On legal advice from AK. All dedicated to….. oh you know who!

Essential Reading 

New CDS contract and application packs available here. More info on Civil Contract reporting released here. You might want to note this guidance: It is essential that you do not enter any data for October claims into the current version of LSC Online as this data will not be transferred into the new system and […]

A Senseless Waste of “Innocent” Alien Life? 

I have neither the energy, nor frankly the inclination, to do a lengthy post about the day I have had thanks to our Beneficent Robotic OverlordsTM. To give a view of my mood however I can tell you that my evening will involve the following two therapeutic activities: This and later this. I might even […]

Taking His Life in His Own Hands 

As you can probably imagine we have had a bit of an ear bending over the phone regarding the October changes. Confusion reigns (watch for further news here today regarding Online billing for instance!). A major gap in recent training (ours and theirs) has been lack of direct practical guidance on billing/reporting – not helped […]

Clone War Spreads 

I had not expected such a swift notification of a similar incident. The major similarity is the cursory nature of the notification and the emphasis placed on the lack of “discretion” available. Phone negotiation demonstrated similar inflexibility despite there being unambiguous evidence of lack of a need for an SMP reduction. Be under no illusions […]

More War Stories 

We have predicted the demise of the Preferred Supplier Scheme and its replacement with an age of “more proactive contract management”. With this the proposed, central “can do”, “soft skilled” human engine for these developments – the “Relationship Manager” – becomes a mere chimera* from a previous epoch. In the light of recent events nobody […]

War of Words 

The first foray in this conflict, a battle of Press Releases, has begun. The Law Society’s opened up with this one from which the following seems the most significant extract: “The Society asked the Legal Services Commission (LSC) for a draft of the contract it would be inviting firms to sign, and to meet with […]

Going Underground 

Having had a few queries about the move to mandatory electronic billing here is a link to the LSC guidance and below is a key area of current client concern: How will these changes affect current LSC Online users? It is important to us that these changes do not negatively impact on your ability to […]

Having Contractions 

I waited all Friday for news on the process for gaining a new 6 month CDS contract in January. It turned up a bit too late to post so I saved it for this morning. The long and short of it is that you will not need to express an interest or “tender” for a […]