You Turn Your Back for Five Minutes 

Nip off to do a bit of Peer Review training and look what happens!. Do read the entire Press release (and links) however the highlights are: Moratorium on planned October changes to the CDS – PACE standard fees, VHCC panel, Litigators Fee, CDS direct etc. New 6-month Criminal contracts from January 14th 2008 (yes you […]

Interpretation Required 

What does the following really mean? “Following concerns raised during recent engagement with our stakeholders”. I think I could hazard a guess. It is a phrase taken from one of a number of recent communications from the LSC regarding changes to the Forms Master Pack – this one involves changes to the CDS 14 through […]

It Never Rains 

Regulars here will know of a strange but regular phenomenon which occurs the moment I jump on the Tour Bus. It involves a sudden influx of new, and generally deadlined, work which has to be crammed into the spaces between training events. (It is compounded today by me having another three hour in-house course shoehorned […]