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We have predicted the demise of the Preferred Supplier Scheme and its replacement with an age of “more proactive contract management”. With this the proposed, central “can do”, “soft skilled” human engine for these developments – the “Relationship Manager” – becomes a mere chimera* from a previous epoch.
In the light of recent events nobody can doubt that the LSC’s brutal honesty and concern about the breakdown of it’s relationship with suppliers, in the March 06 proposals, is likewise a feint shadow of the past.
We began to identify this trend when it became clear that rather than a new tier of RMs we were more likely to get a team of “re-sprayed” Account Managers. More recently we have frequently commented about the rise of the Autorecbot. (For more Autorecbot stories use the “search” feature in the sidebar).
If you doubt our concern regarding the latter how about this, just in:

“I have no discretion in making this (potentially fatal) change to your current SMP and intend making this change tomorrow” (parenthesis mine).

Yes. The Autorecbots are coming make what preparations you can!
*a figment of the imagination, for example, a wildly unrealistic idea or hope or a completely impractical plan – Encarta

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