New Technology

This is my first WiFi post from the replacement laptop (which with a bit of fiddling also works with the new data projector). Seems to do this too!
The Birmingham crowd were lively yesterday too leaving me with that brains sucked out feeling at the end of the afternoon. As ever it is the questions as yet without a solid answer which are asked more often – particularly with regard to the practicalities of billing. You will need to watch this space.
I now have a couple of hours in the car – probably on the hands free kit for a good proportion of it.

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One comment on “New Technology

  • We were not lively we were simply delving into the depth and breadth of your knowledge!
    For the record and on the record the course was without doubt one of the most valuable that I have been on in many years.
    Amazing what you can learn from a lego brick. I am off to raid my sons collection for next weeks “tutorial” to the staff.

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