You Turn Your Back for Five Minutes

Nip off to do a bit of Peer Review training and look what happens!. Do read the entire Press release (and links) however the highlights are:

Moratorium on planned October changes to the CDS – PACE standard fees, VHCC panel, Litigators Fee, CDS direct etc.
New 6-month Criminal contracts from January 14th 2008 (yes you read that right) via an “open process”, followed by a “unified contract for criminal services from July 2008.
Best Value Tendering to follow.

This is all as a result of the the Law Society JR being “substantially rejected” earlier in the Summer. The LSC have also announced their intention to appeal that decision.
Their dog-in-the-manger response, via the 6-month contracts outlined above, is summed up by the Chief Executive as follows:

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2 comments on “You Turn Your Back for Five Minutes

  • Piss up and brewery are my only comments.

  • Its incredible the arrogance of the LSC. It seems to me that they have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Meanwhile i have staff with families and mortgages to pay who are asking me if they have a job next year and i have to tell them i don’t know. i have a family who ask me if i have a job next year and i have to tell them i don’t know!!!

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