Can I Just Say…

This is JUST PLAIN WRONG. And I do not care, Phil Spencer, if “it’s all based on official data” you and your smug, self satisfied, southern based researchers are badly mistaken. (The quality of their “research” is demonstrated by the fact that the refer to the town as a “city”).
If you want the sweary version of the above just give me a ring.
Channel 4 News can go………

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  • Just to let southerners see what they are missing, am proud to say this is where I live.:
    Can’t believe the picture Channel 4 used, it made me laugh!

  • I used to like the show, but ever since the couples involved started to regularly pose the dilemma of requiring a

  • they could buy that street of houses in Middlesbrough for

  • “Can’t believe the picture Channel 4 used”
    I can, much easier to help “create a storm” than something new and more representative like MiMA rather than their sad, tired, out of date, metro-sexual media circle prejudices.
    Channel 4 stay away from Queensway House today.

  • Given the current “loss of trust in the media” debate, it is worth commenting that the picture Channel 4 use in the linked news story is, according to the Mayors office, not Middlesbrough but of neighbouring Stockton (home of the friction match + the railways). So C4 utilise a picture of a town not in the top 20 to illustrate how bad things are in the worst town in the UK. Nice!