We reported the final Law Society guidance on CDS Contract signature last week. The Gazette leads with it in the latest issue. By now you will be aware that they cannot say that the contract is “unlawful” and that the decision on signature is one for individual firms.
So to repeat the deadline is;
Wednesday 31st October at 4 pm.
Don’t miss it if you intend to sign.
Apparently the 4 pm deadline is being taken so seriously that Autorecbots at one of the Regional Offices were observed earlier today contingency planning how to be sure that applicants have entered the building and applied not a minute too late.
Get there early or send it recorded delivery.

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  • If this wort of pedantry is to ensue, then perhaps the comment “please word process” needs to be taken as a demand as opposed to a polite request? Better safe than sorry!

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