Enemy Fire

I have today renamed one of the trays, in the bank behind me, “Autorec Ongoing”.
With the number of skirmishes growing daily it seems to make sense.
The issue in the last day or so relates to the oft discussed “7.5% balance of payments pull forward”, issue. We have seen some interesting proposals and comments including a statement that there is (note not “will be”) no pull forward in the unified contract, although it is not to be published and will not be introduced until July next year. This was in an example where the firm were within reporting profile and there was no contractual right to amend the SMP.
It is also the case that all these attempted reconciliations run to March 08 and not January 13th 08. It remains unclear how the “pull forward” issue will be resolved when we arrive at the day when it does disappear.
The “Autorecbot Antidote” spreadsheet has been getting a bit of hammer. You can have a copy if you like.

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