Strictly Legal Aid Dance Off

There are a limited number of opportunities to expand your civil contracts currently available. This tendering round has a closing date of 4 pm Tuesday 13th November except in Mental Health which has an extended deadline of Wednesday 28th November – same 4 pm cut off.
If you require any help give us a ring.
As ever though there is an element in this process which managed to raise a smile. The final “in not more the 500 words” section of the form is, apparently, to be used as a potential “Tie Breaker”. That’s right a tie breaker.
Now we fully appreciate that the use of a “pick it out of a hat” approach to such situations is now out of date. We do however feel that reverting to a 70’s competition style, usually associated with confectionary, is also somewhat dated.
By way of an alternative can we propose a mechanism of which followers of the Sky Sports programme, Soccer AM will be aware – a Dance Off.
Heres how it works:

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