KPI Monitoring is Green 

We experienced our first LSC “KPI Meeting” yesterday. As we anticipated it was however an audit and not a “cup of tea, posh M&S biscuits and a chat” style visit. Central to the assessment was the effectiveness of supervision and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) monitoring and a file audit ensued

On a Roll? 

This is becoming a bit like Mighty Leeds’ start to this season. A third Peer Review appeal result on the bounce. And our chirpy cockney geezer is nowhere near as dodgy as this one. Didn’t think I’d be wanting Poyet back at the weekend.

Celebrity Litigation Fever? 

Not only do you only have until the 13th November to dance off for new civil contracts/matter starts the same deadline now applies to claims for damages against the LSC resulting from the Unified Civil Contract. The potential “tie breaker” for the legal action has not yet been announced.