Can’t Get Away from Technology 

Want to see some non-award winning technology, but which actually works? Have a look at the new web site of friends of this site Freedom Technical.

You Could Not Make It Up 

Guess who won the “Technology Award” at this years Civil Service Gongs? It is granted to those who demonstrate “best practice in the innovative use of technology as part of the policy-making or business planning process”. Yes you’ve got it right The LSC Online Delivery Team. (Do follow the link and read the citation – […]

Online Update 

We have not yet had a response from the “Award Winning LSC Online Team” – to our query concerning the use of the CDS 6 and CMRF Wizards for this months reporting (probably won’t now will I). They do however seem very keen to encourage use of their “bulkload tool” and to discourage paper submissions […]