Never Return to a Lit Firework

I appreciate that we have done the Online billing/firework analogies to death so here is a guarantee that this is the last one. In the end it was more like that Catherine wheel which doesn’t start too well than anything else – lets hope it gets going properly.
It does seem, according to Steve, that it is now operational and certainly to the level which will allow us some hasty testing before the release of the new Wizards.
Lets all keep our fingers crossed.
On a dry run (not actually loading real data) the Wizards work. Tomorrow we will go beyond this final frontier. Then we will bung them in the “resources” section to the left and do an e-mail announcement to this effect. Those eager to start immediately contact the office and we will get a “test” version out to you.

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One comment on “Never Return to a Lit Firework

  • The new Wizards have been tested today and (pending final tests with an actual (completed) submission tomorrow)should be due for release by end of week!! But they upload fine (in the correct format) and, in some aspects, are easier to use than the old versions! Assuming the new CMRF form poses you no problems (and doesn’t change again too soon!!)

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