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We have not yet had a response from the “Award Winning LSC Online Team” – to our query concerning the use of the CDS 6 and CMRF Wizards for this months reporting (probably won’t now will I). They do however seem very keen to encourage use of their “bulkload tool” and to discourage paper submissions – in fact at least one client has been told that paper will not be accepted from firms who have previously submitted Online. Clearly a lack of input staff presents a major problem to them.
In any event as we have previously observed this “tool” bears a remarkably close resemblance to our Wizards.
Here is a genuine offer to the Commission:- we will gift the Wizards to the LSC for no more than an acknowledgement.
Meanwhile a client writes:-

Just got your e-mail about the LSC online “closing”!!
Personally, I think its just broke down like a knackered old car!!
Thought I’d let you know however that I successfully uploaded the wizard and
had it verified and accepted – lucky old us eh??!!
It worked like a charm at 4:45pm on Friday when – I think – everyone had
given up and gone home or put a brick through their screens!!

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