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Do you remember a time when Franchising was voluntary, forms were green and all you needed to know about Legal Aid was contained in a single paperback book?
During this veritable Golden Age (I know it wasn’t really just play along please) franchise teams at Regional Offices were filled with positive Liaison Managers only too willing to help firms come to terms with the new strictures of Quality Assurance. I should know I was one of them, albeit briefly.
One of my more long-lived colleagues at the time was Peter Beckford later to become the CDS Manager in Leeds. When we were both in the office we would slope off, usually to Yate’s Wine Bar for lunch and a bit of a chew over life at the Board. I did JRS, he stayed on and became widely respected for his integrity in difficult times.
Peter is however now in the land of Oz and has just sent out a fantastic 5-page summary of the experience to date. If you know Peter and would like a copy of this forwarding, with his consent, drop us a line and we will e-mail it back.

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