Wizard Update

We feel we can wait no longer and must now release a “test” version of the CMRF and CDS 6 Wizards. All efforts to verify that they can jump the final hurdle have so far been frustrated (lack of passwords, Online support snowed under etc.). They do however get right up to this point without any difficulty and we are fairly confident that they will work but cannot be absolutely sure.
Given their “test” status we are not putting them in the resources section on the sidebar yet so you will need to contact the office for a copy.
Please remember they are FREE!
To speed our response please e-mail, rather than use the comments, to Sandra on the jrs@we-are-jrs.co.uk address there is an easy method on the sidebar, and please specify which one(s) you want. Thanks. Angela and Liz we have your e-mail address from the comments box and will reply.

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