Advanced Warning 

From tomorrow we hope to ratchet up the “dressdown Friday” theme with a weekly Quiz. Don’t miss it! UPDATE Sorry – lack of time (forgot I was going out again today) will try next week.

Kind of Blue? 

For the third time this week I am off on my travels to deliver some in-house shouting. Consequently I have little time to blog (am going early as I suspect we might have some problems on the M62 due to strong winds and high sided vehicles). So what might I have posted on if I […]

Off-Thread Opinion 

I cannot let this pass without comment. As a lifelong Leeds fan I never viewed Bates as the saviour figure he presented himself as, in fact I found his emergence from the administration ahead of higher bidding consortia deeply depressing. The fact that genuine servants of the club ended up not being paid and a […]

Goin’ Back in Time (Again) 

My old boss at the Legal Aid Board, Joe Cowley, appears to have drawn the short straw and got to manage the national project to recover Unrecouped Payments on Account (UPOA). Here is some new guidance on how the process is to work. It looks as though there will be some activity taking place very […]

News of a Sort 

Well this doesn’t take things much further forward does it? “We will let you know more as soon as we can”. So will we!

Friday’s Here Again 

I suspect people are getting a little tired of songs tenuously linked to substantive subject matter, filling this Friday (and other) space. So I am going to resist Steve’s suggestion of “Please, Please, Please (let me get what I want)” by the Smiths – we also featured them a couple of weeks ago. I also […]

The Curse of Unintended Consequences 

I think some delegates were silently bemused about the section on one of the recent courses regarding the issue of payment for staff for out of hours Police Station work. It was however, at time of preparing the course, a live issue for some of our farsighted clients. It came alive yesterday in very real […]

A Tale of 3 Peer Reviews 

I have two Peer Review reports, both Crime, in front of me. The first, in chronological order of receipt by the firm, is for a long standing client and a solid Category 3. (In fact I have examples of similar findings being categorised as Competent Plus but as we can’t currently make representations we are […]


It remains very quiet over at the LSC website – mind you it’s still early. Can’t resist another You Tube link – (have another guess before clicking).

LAPG News 

The LAPG have a new Director. Can we welcome Carol Storer to the post and wish her all the best.