A Tale of 3 Peer Reviews

I have two Peer Review reports, both Crime, in front of me.
The first, in chronological order of receipt by the firm, is for a long standing client and a solid Category 3. (In fact I have examples of similar findings being categorised as Competent Plus but as we can’t currently make representations we are sitting on our hands).
The second is a Category 4.
The former was undertaken in December and reported this month. The latter, received yesterday, was completed in the middle of the summer. Yesterday I heard of a case, also conducted in the middle of last year, where all the files from the three categories reviewed have been returned but only one report. The findings on the other 2 categories, despite assurances from their Account Manager that these were “awaiting verification by a senior panel member” have not materialised.
The average waiting time for representations to be considered , across our 2 outstanding appeals, is nearly 6 months.
Now I know that the LSC only administer this scheme and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies actually run it, but nonetheless are there any of their functions which are currently “fit for purpose”?

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  • The only thing they are fit for is Steve Wrights Skip. (Only Radio 2 nerds like me will understand this, but I will be happy to explain).

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