Bullseye with the Friday Song

Have you just received an e-mail from your RO starting with this Guinness World Record attempt at understatement?:
“…our new LSC Online system is not yet performing as effectively as we would all like.”
Er shouldn’t that read “is completely f@&*ed“.
You might remember that we had quite a prickly episode with the “Award Winning Off-line Marketing Team” concerning paper submissions at the time the scheme was launched (translated sank). Guess what? That’s right they now want paper submissions, for civil contract claims at least, from here in. Admittedly this is not for your line-by-line claims, these they still want by bulk load spread sheet, but rather it is your New Matter Start data they are after and it has to be in by the 18th of this month.
I shall be nominating the author of the e-mail for this years Civil Service – Best Spin Doctor – award.

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2 comments on “Bullseye with the Friday Song

  • Where does it say in the LSC contract that I must run MS software? My firm does not run MS Word or Excel, and the “bulk load spreadsheet” only runs in Excel (not even in Open Office, so far as I could see). We were getting on well with the online submission regime until they *&@!ed” it up.

  • Had the very same conversation with a delegate yesterday (he runs Lotus) – I reluctantly as a Mac user am pretty much stuck with it given that it is used by almost all of our clients!

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