Been busy as my monthly Independent Lawyer copy is due, had a Crown Court re-determination letter to prepare for tomorrow and a second Contract Compliance appeal has suddenly come back to life – all against impending deadlines.
I’m supposed to provide a bit of light relief in IL, similar to the way we try do things here, but I found it a bit hard this month given the chaos, makeitupaswegoalongery and applied Muppetry surrounding us right now. You can guess how I feel about the CCA appeal from the post below and fortunately the re-determination wasn’t too difficult.
I can now therefore do some further preparation for Tuesday and Wednesdays courses in Bradford and Gateshead (without the benefit of a properly amended CBAM or the Litigators Fee regulations). Bradford has now actually sold out and so we have booked the room for the morning as well and are still taking bookings. There are also a few places in the N. East so if you want some practical billing guidance on the new Criminal schemes give Sandra a ring.

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