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Here, in a spirit of saving paper, are a series of links and downloads to new reference materials and forms related to the new schemes. Use them wisely.
First up is the CDS Funding Order 2007 which can be accessed or printed either in whole (takes a bit of faffing about) or in part.
The Table of Offences (Schedule 6) might be worth a print however.
For notification of acceptance of Police Station instructions from a relative you need to use this form.
and similarly there is a new VHCC Notification Request Form.
You might want to bookmark this post for future reference.
The LSC essentially refute the LS/CLSA/Crimeline point on VAT plus confirm arrangements regarding calculation of the escape threshold. N.B. there is no reason to change how you complete the CDS 6 in any event and if the LS prove correct the LSC will have to amend credits to your contract.

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