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I cannot let this pass without comment.
As a lifelong Leeds fan I never viewed Bates as the saviour figure he presented himself as, in fact I found his emergence from the administration ahead of higher bidding consortia deeply depressing. The fact that genuine servants of the club ended up not being paid and a 15-point deduction followed confirmed this. He has nothing to do with Leeds United and has, in my opinion, his own and not the clubs interests at heart.
Bringing in his godchildren’s dad, Wise, as an essentially untried manager did nothing to allay these fears. Those who praise his performance this year forget that he took us down last. (It is also becoming clear that Poyet was the power behind the throne in any event). Wise too has no connection with our club, was/is not up to the job and like his sugar daddy is motivated primarily by self interest. His departure proves this, as do comments reported in today’s Times that he became disillusioned after Poyet left, but did nothing about it.
I am glad he has gone and hope that Bates will follow shortly.
Normal service will shortly be resumed.
Another unwanted appendage departs.

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