Ageing Rock Stars 

My Floyd tribute experience (ok but proving that progressive rock rightly became extinct) was truncated by a double fire alarm half way through the better second set. They had difficulty getting the largely middle age sober crowd out of the half full hall – if this happens when Weller visits there will be hell on […]

Jekyll and Hyde 

Given the week I have had, appeal hearings, written representations on CCAs and the regular daily barrage of PACE standard fee enquiries I have once again been reflecting upon the slightly schizophrenic nature of our work. Appeals are relatively easy – you try any reasonable argument you can muster and concede the undefendable. Advice is […]

WLTM Disgruntled Firms 

Did you ever suffer a recoupment as a result of a Crime Contract Compliance Audit? If so, we want to hear from you as we have just had a very interesting thought indeed. Give us a ring, and by way of warning to worried/curious Autorecbots our Spambot filters are fully in operation.

Compare and Contrast 

Much has been made of the similarities between developing LSC procurement strategies and the NHS. Indeed the current Chief Executive, and I think the last, comes from a Health Service background. Contracting as we know it was of course known as Block Contracting for a time and concepts such as “fund holding” were frequently bandied […]

Did the Earth Move for You? 

On top of over 8 hours driving yesterday an earthquake in the middle of the night, alongside my cough and sore throat, was not what I really wanted. Never mind we seemed to get a good result at yesterdays last ever(?) Cost Committee. This reminded me how important the interaction between panel and applicant is […]

The Final Final Curtain? 

Had another hectic morning largely preparing for what I anticipate to be the very last Cost Committee ever. As you have probably surmised this involves very old claims which pre-date the move to Independent Cost Adjudicators. So previous celebrations, by me rather than suppliers I think, have proved premature. It is however far, far away […]

“Oh People of my Land” 

The only “World Music” artist I activly follow is Mariza the leading exponent of Portuguese Fado. The live “Concerto em Lisboa” CD featured in the link, sits with Alison Krauss and Union Station, Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin in the top 5 of the live album chart. (I have just noticed the Live DVD on […]

Deja Vu III 

It has definitely been Contract Compliance week. I have just come off the phone with a firm subject to the new civil version of this long discredited process, now re-badged as “Fixed Fee Contract Compliance Audit”. Just as with the Crime version referred to below, this too involves pretty much the same as previous, this […]

More VHCC News 

Illuminating the VHCC night like a halogen spotlight. Lets hope he will shortly be able to say “It was just a storm in a teacup which has now passed over and now the tea cup is in the dishwasher”.

Double Deja Vu 

Things were so hectic yesterday I did not get round to blogging – I was not even in transit to some distant law firm just hemmed in by appeals and telephone enquiries. So with one CCA appeal finalised I moved onto Peer Review representations only for the second Crime CCA in two days to turns […]