Glory Box 

Portishead are back together, touring and releasing a new album in April – here is one of their greats:

Five Live Gems 

I have this channel on in the background in the office and have just heard two gems. First in true “Speak Your Brains” style there was this from a caller regarding the Archbishop’s contribution on Sharia Law: “I bet Jesus Christ will be turning in his grave” This was followed by a piece on “team […]

On the Waiting Theme 

Still no CCLF forms. Still saying nothing.

Still Waiting 

Between billing enquiries I have predominantly had my nose stuck inside various Contract Compliance Audits (CCA). This occasioned me to revisit the Parliamentary scrutiny of this process which lead me to this: In July 2004 The Constitutional Affairs Select Committee (at p. 87) concluded as follows with regard to the practice of Contract Compliance Audits […]