Deja Vu 

I have my first appeal against the new style Crime Contract Compliance Audit in front of me and guess what: Unrepresentative sample Comprehensive misunderstanding of Contract and CBAM Insufficient and unreferenced justification for decisions Demands for money with menaces Exactly right back to where we were nearly 5 years ago. “Applied Muppetry” does not get […]


Whilst we are on the subject of costs adjudications we did some interesting Freedom of Information delving before last Christmas. Most appeals, like the one referred to in the link above (post below) are now undertaken in the Region in which the “business delivery centre” is based. You may have a view as to whether […]

Point of General Principle 

Now decisions of Cost Committees – sorry Independent Adjudicators – do not set precedents. At the height of the CCA wars however, when we were doing multiple hearings every week, and when the Committee Clerk was a suitably senior, experienced and trained member of staff they nearly did. I remember one case, a successful Category […]