Compare and Contrast

Much has been made of the similarities between developing LSC procurement strategies and the NHS. Indeed the current Chief Executive, and I think the last, comes from a Health Service background. Contracting as we know it was of course known as Block Contracting for a time and concepts such as “fund holding” were frequently bandied around.
Consequently this story is of great interest. Would you like to earn 58% more for 7 hours less a week? Wouldn’t we all!
Somehow I don’t think this is quite what is on offer.
I shall taunt my GP buddy, who is dragging me out to keep him company at a Pink Floyd tribute show tonight, on your behalf. I think I will make him buy all the drinks.

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  • Maybe solicitors should leave the Law Society and join the BMA and get them to negotiate a new contract with the LSC, they achieved a very good deal for GPs.

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