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We have generated something of a new LSC vocabulary on this blog as amply demonstrated by the post below and the oft used, and allied title, “autorecbot”. These have developed from our, and our clients, daily experience of the ever-changing world of Legal Aid.
The two current favourites are “makeitupaswegoalongery” and “applied muppetry”. Examples of both are an almost daily occurrence.
Today’s first example of the latter involves the LSC telling the most volatile solicitor in Halifax that he is actually in Leeds. Now he, and I, are both pretty damn sure that he is still in Halifax. As a consequence of which he does not need to claim the Leeds “designated urban area” standard fee – the boundaries for which are defined in contract as involving the Local Authority boundary. To repeat Halifax, as the Commission now agree, is not in Leeds. To avoid any further cock ups neither is it in Nova Scotia.
(To be completely fair the lady involved in this story, from the LSC, made an innocent mistake based upon incorrect data supplied to her and her colleagues. She, and her counterpart in Leeds, have not only sorted this out in record time, but been genuinely apologetic for the, not their, mistake).

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