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We have had a work halting hiatus this morning as it dawned on us, thanks to a eagle eyed client tip off, that the actual Crown Court Litigators Fees now differ from the most recently published tables (October ’07). These are the tables we utilised in all recent CCLF training and with which delegates will be well familiar. This is a result of the decision to allow travel disbursements to be claimed in addition to the LF. They are consequently lower than the Oct 07 version however the LSC have not, as far as we can tell, made this clear or published the new tables.
After some searching we have discovered that the new rates can either be accessed direct, from the Funding Order or are visible in the other “tabs” on the Litigators Fee Calculator. Todays madness occurred when it became clear that all of the worked examples in our training course are now paid at a lower rate due to these changes. The Funding Order tables for “overweight” cases are actually easier to use.
We will provide a link or a download opportunity to a more user friendly set of tables as soon as one becomes available. For further clarification give me a ring.
The LSC calculator does however appear to work.
I have updated the Course notes and will happily supply the 3 changed pages. Having done this it is important to stress that the tables in the Funding Order are ex VAT unlike the tables used in the course.
There are some other subtle differences which I would also be happy to explain.
The LSC do not intend to reproduce the background numbers for CCLF in the previous format. That means you have either to utilise the tables from the Funding Order above or the other pages of the Calculator workbook. We will have to reproduce them in some format for future LF training courses and will make these available when we have done so.

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