Ratty Gets Legal Protection 

New franchise category required?

Keep up to PACE 

Some changes to Police Station codes have been released (including temporary increases to the fees in Aldershot and Sunderland). If you want the spreadsheet get in touch.


One of the things me and Mrs SP argue about is Billy Bragg. (She also thinks this Song Slot is funny – well we always get most traffic through the site on a Friday so there!) Saturday saw us rehashing old themes as we listened to his latest album Mr Love Justice. Her main theme, […]

Moving Swiftly On 

The first LSC comment on the case of Rasool appeared in this this weeks Gazette (page 3, again no interweb link is available). They are taking further advice and think that only a small number of cases “of negligible value” are affected. Shame they did not confirm this when asked during the proceedings. This would […]

Breaking the Code 

We have had a couple of requests for the Mental Health reporting codes recently. So help yourself. Er that’s it.

Spring Seminars 

CDS suppliers might well be interested in this series of events involving the Senior Presiding Judge, Lord Justice Leveson. Those of us in the North East will be happy to note that our venue is York. Will someone please inform regional TV.

Back On-Line 

Things have been a bit quiet here over the Easter break and yesterdays training kept me away from the blog. That said having had a long weekend off everything else seems very quiet. You might however be interested to check the new look Law Society web site which I think is nice and certainly an […]

Revision Shouting 

As firms get into the swing of billing Civil and Criminal matters under the new regimes we have received a number of requests to run our short practical courses- if nothing else as a bit of a revision session. Due to this demand we are now able to offer the following dates: GATESHEAD METRO MARRIOTT […]


I made passing comment on the Mills/McCartney case last month in relation to the issue Litigants in Person and the old addage that they have a “fool for a client”. Just to prove my case Ms Mills decided to dress for the judgement in a Jesters costume:

More VHCC News 

Friend of this site Tim Collins, Practice Director at No 6 (Park Square) Chambers in Leeds, our most valuable source of information with regard to the VHCC advocates contract saga, has been in touch. It appears that none of the successful panel advocates in his Chambers has signed up, probably heralding a similar result over […]