Radio Silence

The LSC web-site has been uncharacteristically quiet over recent days/weeks. Is there nothing to report or is this deliberate we wonder? Is a keep our heads down strategy being employed?
There is however today a letter confirming reporting arrangements and with some advice on how to avoid having submissions rejected. Much of this you will know. Perhaps as proof of the above media approach is this final powder dry keeping, sentence:

“Progress to improve LSC Online continues and in April, I will provide you with an update on our plans to re-launch the service”.

Any advance on not before September?

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  • Thanks for that – commenting has never really taken off I guess because there is not enough contentious stuff to encourage it. Plus LA lawyers do not have time for it anyhow. Bet if I put on a post praising the current reporting requirements I might get some response!!
    BTW site stats confirm that “you are out” there in greater numbers than ever before. Feb was our bussiest month yet and March looks likely to raise the bar again.

  • April 2009. and it could work if they have the nous to implement it in stages….but they won’t and it won’t…

  • The LSC have changed the way in whcih they publish information on their web site. Previously they would put most of their news updates on the front page but now they seem to be putting updates in other parts of the site. I have no idea why they have changed their usual pattern of publishing news.
    Have a look at the CDS Updates section as that contains a few updates for us criminal solicitors.
    Another good way to keep up to date with the LSC news is to subscribe to their RSS feed
    I suspect they have specific CLS news pages and news feeds also.
    Gavin Burrell

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