More Update 

The full Deed of Settlement between the Law Society and the LSC referred to below is now available. One of the major elements, from a current JRS casework point of view, is the “amnesty” with regard to UPOA. This is contained at section 8 from which 8.1.4 seems to me to be the killer as […]

News Update 

The change to the CW1 declaration mentioned in this post relates to the penultimate paragraph 11.1.1 in this guidance document. Are we alone in not having seen any advance notice of this? Was there any? Read the whole thing, however there seem to be two clear elements; the clients reporting responsibilities on change of circumstances […]


I did a training session for Manchester Law Society last night. My final slide (of 40) gave an indication of the main areas we are focussing upon with our retained clients. One of these was Peer Review, on which I commented briefly primarily to observe the proposed time scale for Best Value Tendering might make […]

News at 10.(43 am) 

There is too much stuff happening today individually to blog about, so here is a pick-and-mix list from which you can link for further detail. We will fill out some of these stories when we have had time to digest them more fully. Bong An Agreement on the Unified Contract has been reached (see bullet […]