Warren on Warrants 

There has been a long running discussion, particularly in our neck of the woods, about how to claim for post charge work on arrest on breach of warrant. The guidance is pretty clear; by way of a supplementary INVH claim charged at hourly rates on the original UFN. There has however been a train of […]

8 Days To Go 

Spent some time on the phone regarding CDS UCC applications again this morning. I guess this is going to be feature of the next few days. I intend to do a daily countdown here so as to avoid any mistakes this time round. You have 8 Days, and counting

Arithmetic Practice 

We have 2, Category 2 Peer Review results, at the same firm to report this morning. I thought about trying to express this as a mathematical equation and got as far as; 2 X 2(PR) = Y* *where Y represents a mixture of elation coupled with relief. Well done!