Not another number puzzle related post but a further reminder that CDS UCC applications must be in by 4pm this time next week. I have today discovered this document detailing “common errors” in applications. This includes an indication that failure to provide the date of your CLAS certificate “may” invalidate your CDS 12A. You are directed to answers 38 and 39 of this document. This states;

39. I don’t know what date my CLAS certificate was issued? How can I find out?
You can find out the date your CLAS certificate was issued by telephoning the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority on 0870 606 25 55 (choose option 2 from the automated answer machine) and providing your Law Scoiety Roll Number. Alternatively you can email

We may well be overreacting here but just because you are paranoid does not mean that they are not out to get you. Be careful out there.
Just got this through following an earlier call to Mr Warren:

“I am at CLSA with Rodney who says he has spoken to Tim Collieu and putting

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  • I called them up and was able to speak to a human who acrtually gave me the dates for all the members of the firm. Most people have 02/04/01 as their date.
    I wish everything was as simple. !

  • Thanks for that, I am pretty sure that that will suffice as most DSs were passported on that date. For the sake of a phone call though it is prob. worth checking.

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