Warren on Warrants

There has been a long running discussion, particularly in our neck of the woods, about how to claim for post charge work on arrest on breach of warrant. The guidance is pretty clear; by way of a supplementary INVH claim charged at hourly rates on the original UFN.
There has however been a train of thought that when the police interview, with the possibility of a separate charge, this properly constitutes a new standard fee. Sorry not so, as just confirmed by friend of this site Mr R Warren.
The above advice refers.

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2 comments on “Warren on Warrants

  • Any link to the guidance?

  • Andrew
    Sorry no just an interpretation/restatement of section 12 of PACE Q & A Version 3, which is not specific with regard to the the issue of possible separate charge but fairly clear in all other regards.
    You can link to this on the post “Happy Reading” four or so threads below.

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