Wizards – and not of the Hogwarts Variety

I spent yesterday afternoon working on the CDS 6 Wizard. For those who have not utilised this FREE tool before it is designed to assist with monthly reporting either Online (whenever), bulk upload or on paper.
Yesterdays task initially involved creating a 2008 – 2009 contract monitoring sheet. We were then forced to confront the myriad of problems created, in this and other regards, by the new PACE scheme. These mainly arise because you are required to report the notional and not the actual costs, i.e. the relevant standard fee, on the CDS 6. This made monthly reconciliation impossible on the old version.
We also wanted to build in an additional “profitability analysis” function to the data sheet. We have done this both for PACE claims and Lower Standard Fees in the Magistrates Court. For all users the former will be new and will deal with the problem mentioned above concerning monthly reconciliation. For some the LSF element will also represent a novel, if entirely voluntary addition.
There is one further minor complication the LSF element is, needs be, different for firms in Carter Designated Areas and those who are not. There are consequently different versions for those two categories of firms.
These are now available from the Middlesbrough office on request.
I intend to do something similar to the CMRF Wizard tomorrow.

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