MML Outside MIMA 

As I have said before it is Middlesbrough Music Live on Sunday. It is an entirely free event and probably my favourite live act of all time are headlining. Come and see Ash in Centre Square and here is one of their lesser known hits:

Paper Chase 

I have been dealing with two absolute refusals of Unified Criminal Contracts – form submission issues. The fixed deadline for these is tea time Monday. I must spare you the details for now but one of these involves a dispute about the receipt by the LSC of one of the (I would say non-essential) subsidiary […]

Grumpy II or Too 

Here is someone else not happy with things, in this case the Litigators Graduated Fee Scheme. I have to say we are receiving a mixed post bag on this with a significant proportion of corespondents reporting improved billing. Opinions on the subject are however pretty polarised.

Of Little Cheer 

The tradition of taking the Tuesday off after a bank holiday is subject to significant regional variation. Yesterdays clients gave it up to hear me speak for most of it, and cop some vital CPD points into the bargain. It also kept me busy. I did the skeleton of a course we will be touring […]


Came across this guy via the monthly sampler CD you get with Word magazine. He is pretty good in a David Gray kind of way:

A CAC Decision 

Just had sight of a refused Point of Principle application to the Cost Appeal Committee in London. Frankly I’m a bit surprised it even got that far but nonetheless a rejection is still a rejection. It was an attempt to more tightly define the “exceptional circumstances” which could allow the enhancement of a CDS 7 […]

Runaway Train 

In house training is taking over my life. With more to do tomorrow and on Tuesday today I am completely immersed in the preparation of course materials (oh for the pre CPD accreditation days when you could just turn up and shout). Today involves finishing touches to a course we will be touring later in […]

Grumpy in London 

Evening post from my hotel room following a long day of travel and training with more to follow tomorrow. Today was CDS topics, Police Station standard and the Litigators fees, tomorrow Civl Peer Review. Trouble is todays activities have aggravated the shoulder I pulled at the weekend damn and Sandra has booked me out on […]

Par for the Course 

Whilst I was updating Peer Review course notes for Wednesday time has slipped by and I have gone without lunch. I will therefore have an A5, C5 and H5 lunch out of our antique vending machine. Not the healthy option. Ice cream van has just turned up too.

Did the Man From Del Monte Say Yes? 

News of CDS contract awards are filtering thorough with the anticipated application of the new allocation rules. This includes refusing “expansion” into second schemes but also the removal of some firms from panels on which they have traditionally operated – the example in front of me on the basis of a rigid application of the […]