Be Seeing You 

This will be my last post this week – though I will try and get the others to do some – as I am off to Barca again. Oh and by the way there is a controversial legal drama starting tonight.

For Information 

As ever the morning is sprinkled with telephone enquires and equally predictably they include the new PACE standard fee scheme. The last one involved an example straight out of the grid at section 14 of this document. I am not trying to put people of giving me a ring but it is certainly worth printing […]

Sweetest Smile 

Sorry that there has been loads on training here recently but once again I am away today to do some work on a, hopefully, exciting training programme for the Autumn. That means that unless you want a grant for a new trainee or want to ring me about Duty rota appeals, there is only a […]

More Billing Training 

We have trained and trained and trained on the October changes to the Civil scheme and the January changes in Crime. Both course have been about a popular as any we have run in recent years, as firms try to adapt to the standard and graduated fee schemes. In addition to the full, formal, technicolour […]

More Juvenilia 

I am this morning reminded of this post following a conversation with a client currently hosting the largest on-site gathering of LSC staff in recent years. I wonder what the collective noun for such a grouping is?

Level Up 

Recent training courses have indicated the beginnings of claims being considered for Level 2 Family Public Law standard fees. This claim for “negotiation” can be made when acting for a parent, or someone with parental responsibility, in S 31 proceedings when the Local Authority has provided written notification of their intention to issue proceedings. It […]

Bit of News 

CDS suppliers will no longer need to report travel time on the CDS 6 for police station and Carter standard fee cases from the 1st July. Waiting must still be reported on both claims and must still be time recorded (read the release though because as ever there is room for confusion). For CLS suppliers […]


Given the announcement of the waving in of the new improved LSC Offline billing scheme Steve requests the following largely because of the lyrical resonance of the first line.

Not Very Appealing 

I missed this letter in the Gazette a couple of weeks ago. It questions the fairness of cost appeals dealt with by the Newcastle office. Today the LSC reply. We too have raised issues concerning these single in camera adjudications in the past.

Common Sense Prevails (Twice in a Week) 

I hope that this is going to become a continuing series. Following hard on the heels of Mondays UCC Application Appeal result we have received news of a second positive outcome. Though less involved in this one, we didn’t write it just gave some ‘phone advice, it is still cheering to see firms being given […]