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Andy is working on Peer Review today, I am working on Peer Review today and Steve is on holiday (its my turn next week). Before I start on a sample of files I have had the chance to have a more detailed read of the last three reports received, before they go in our PR library. Unusually they are all civil – 2 family, one Mental Health – and all category 3 albeit with some reviewer reservations in at least two of the cases. On balance this concurs with the optimistic end of our assessment range however all three could easily achieve a Category 2 score with a minimal amount of change to the basics.
Today I am looking at a sample from a firm becoming nervous about the prospect of the real thing. I bet I can guess the issues I will encounter in advance. (Might confirm this to you later).
On a positive note the recent proposals on BVT suggest a lowering of the required result to Cat. 3 Threshold Competence and certainly these results suggest a less demanding standard that we have previously experienced.
That said there is no reason not to have a try for a higher score.

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