Raising Sand Live

Tomorrow our homespun music festival “Rock Garden” goes into its 4th year. This time I thought I had got my performing and DJing duties seriously reduced to allow me to enjoy, in particular, the youngsters playing original material. A couple of last minute drop outs (trouble in the oil industry on the Caspian sea etc.), and a request for a Mama Mia medley mean I have an extra 45 minutes playing to do. All under rehearsed and at the last minute.
We get my eldest and his mate to do bass and drums on all our Weller/Jam repertoire which is great fun for a change but I am most looking forward to doing passable covers (my singing excluded) of these two songs from Raising Sand with our lass -as we say on Teesside:

If you are local, have a chair and a picnic you are very welcome.available

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