Two thoughts on Shouting*

I am putting the final touches to my next training course, a national tour with TMT trying to provide a survivors guide to the multiplicity of assessment and audit mechanisms. This and a number of phone queries this week have lead us to the following conclusions.
Firstly we always forget that there is a continuing need for basic billing training over and above the never ending round of courses on new initiatives. This because of new staff and a need to do a bit of routine “revision”. One call in particular demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of Mags Court standard fees which has probably cost the firm thousands.
Secondly we are always, stupidly, completely unprepared for the usual rush of in-house requests as the CPD year end approaches. So this year we have listed the main half dozen or so titles available for immediate delivery. We can do 3 or 6 hours on site either out of desperation for points or as a cost effective alternative to commercial providers.
If you are interested in either give us ring
*Shouting is the JRS technical term for Law Society Accredited CPD Training

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