On Form 

In case you missed it here is another announcement regarding new versions of forms. The NB here is that whilst the CDS 14 – 17 are not mandatory until 2009 the CDS 14 can be, but only for new Income Based Employment & Support Allowance, from 27th October.

Getting it Right 

Sky could well take a lesson from Royal Mail Direct, of all people, who’s phone service this morning was exemplary. Just not that hard really – when you make an effort.


Had a range of contract reporting issues raised this morning including an indication that even though you don’t have to include PACE travel times any more you must at least input a zero. More problematically was a firm required to split their billing, pre and post the change in schedule prefix from 8 to 9, […]

Skys the Limit 

Have you seen those adverts on telly offering you either a half price Sky+ box or

Black Horse Cherry Tree 

This came up on my wife’s iPod shuffle yesterday tea time whilst I was walking the dogs (mine had been stolen by my younger lad). Good song clever stuff n all.

Autorecbots go Mean 

One of the elements of the “Settlement Deed” between TLS and the LSC was a new and supposedly better contract reconciliation process. That said we have of course experienced circumstances where firms were facing SMP reductions whilst within the 10% protective band. In a different take yesterday we did a reconciliation for a firm not […]


A week of travel, training and on site work with clients has led to light posting here – apologies for that. I did however here this rumour, as reported in the Gazette, whilst on my travels: Hickman Handover? Central London firm Hickman & Rose is in talks to hand over its Tottenham legal aid branch […]

A Closure and a New Beginning 

The current training tour concludes in London tomorrow with, Forth Road Bridge like, the next set of dates are being lined up. Having received a significant number of billing queries around the new standard fee schemes – demonstrating a continuing degree of misunderstanding – we have decided to update and re run these popular courses. […]

iPod Shuffle Choice No. 2 

I had really forgotten how good “Disgraceful” by Dubstar is. (The follow up was however a classic demonstration of the ‘difficult second album” syndrome). I really wanted to post this track but it is not a real video so here is “Stars”

Angry of Guildford 

A regular vox pop attack on the current Government, along with the classic “its political correctness gone mad” is to accuse all public agencies of being overly involved in unnecessary “micro management”. This phrase, I admit, did come to mind when I read this letter in this weeks Gazette.