Adam and Eve It

Our civil cost drafting team spotted this issue first because the new CLAIM 1 form will become mandatory from 1st October. Any such claims received on old forms after that date will, apparently, be rejected. Unfortunately the new form will not be published until – yes you’ve guessed it October 1st. The previews referred to in the link above seem to me to be the current ones e.g. the Claim 1 is an October 2004 version.
We will just sit on our hands till then, then.

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  • Whilst the link on the page linked above still leads to the old forms. I found this page, which shows the new forms etc. No changes to the CLAIM1 except for LSC use only bits added.

  • Ta for that – think we had a “software vendors” advance copy which I missed whilst driving up and down the UK this week.

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