PPE Silence?

We had an interesting exchange with a Crown Court yesterday concerning the completion of an LF1 Litigators Fee claim. We rang to confirm the amount of PPE to be told – sorry can’t tell you (strange and counterproductive though this seems – but that is not the point of this post). Oh we said, well we think we have XXX pages – No it’s significantly more than that, came the response.
I wonder which number will be used to calculate the claim – my guess is they will always use the lowest PPE figure on offer. Disturbingly in yesterdays case, without our call and that off the cuff remark, we would not even have known that there was a discrepancy in the numbers.

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  • if you ring 01512485239 and ask LSC how many pages Crest shows they WILL tell you. I do this every single time before I submit a bill because its strange the number of times that it shows 1 page. OR ask Counsel’s clerk what Counsel is putting in. If they have the same number as you, get Counsel’s clerk to ring and ask because as you know the CC pay Counsel direct at the moment and thus are more likely to be of assistance to them at the moment. They have not got used to us yet.

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