Handbags Etc. 

Practising this weekend for our next live outing in December. We have only a single set to do so that should not be too difficult. We are going to add this to our repertoire too with a bit of luck (any oboe players out there?)

Er That’s It 

The LSC VAT guidance in full.

Neck Pain II 

I am currently tearing my hair out with Microsoft Powerpoint. The Mac version is crashing every time I try and access “custom animation” so as to change the mad random effects it is currently chucking out (as recent CDS Masterclass delegates will testify). I might get round to a further post if I resolve this […]

Neck Pain 

AnonMike in the comments below raises the issue of the impact of VAT changes on your and our work. Complete nightmare, and that’s before you get to the impact of this on our cost drafting service and wizards. I am tired, grumpy and in discomfort from my neck problem today so I am going to […]

Well You Never 

Training courses often throw up new takes on the world of Legal Aid. Last week one delegate outlined his appeal against a decision to disallow one of 2 claims for Public Law graduated fees, having acted for 2 joined parties under 2 certificates in a care case. The day after I had a call from […]

Let it Rock 

Off to see these guys tonight – bluegrass on a Friday night cannot beat it.


The chorus of complaints about delays in the processing of LF1 claims was amplified at yesterdays CDS course in Leeds/Bradford. More disturbingly some delegates were suggesting that there was a 6 month backlog for reviews to be processed. The main concern relates to disagreement over the number of pages of prosecution evidence. It also appears […]

Pot, Kettle and Black 

I do not have the time today to do undertake the proper Fisking that this LSC response to the Bar Council deserves. So you will have to do your own. For the Commission to reject BC proposals because they have been considered previously when their very own current strategy is one which has seen so […]

Help the Aged 

You know you are getting old when Police Officers/Doctors/Teachers etc start looking young, so they say. (You can substitute just about any vocation in to that equation except Criminal Defence lawyers by the way). You also know that the years are passing when you experience your first 3-years on second round Peer Review sample request. […]

A Bit Clearer 

There is some clarification here regarding the “logging” arrangements for Police Station matters where instructions were, legitimately, NOT received from the DSCC e.g. family, Police or for interview by arrangement. You have 48 hours only to log these and this guidance states that they will not be claimable if this is not complied with. It […]