Neck Pain

AnonMike in the comments below raises the issue of the impact of VAT changes on your and our work. Complete nightmare, and that’s before you get to the impact of this on our cost drafting service and wizards.
I am tired, grumpy and in discomfort from my neck problem today so I am going to do absolutely nothing until people who know more about this type of stuff tell me, definitively, what to do.
(Nowt on either the LSC or TLS web sites yet).
Graham’s comment, that this will cost more in administration than any impact it has upon the economy, seems likely to be close to the mark.

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2 comments on “Neck Pain

  • This is the response I have received from our LSC account manager:
    I;m sorry, I don’t have any information yet. All the issues relating to the VAT change are being looked at by our Head Office teams as a matter of priority and we will be letting providers know what’s happening and how to deal with the changes in relation to billing etc as soon as possible.
    Let’s hope as soon as possible is today or tomorrow.

  • Link to HMR&C, download the Technical Guide for Business (pdf file) Sections 3.3.2, 9.4, 10.2 and 13.2 seem the relevant ones.
    This is going to be fun!!!

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